Aero Georgia Group seeks to start certification in late 1Q20

Aero Georgia (Tbilisi) is planning to start certification at the end of March this year, Chief Executive at parent Aero Georgia Group Igor Aptsiauri told Business Media Georgia TV.

“We have completed the business plan. We are very pleased to have an investor from Europe, a private investor, who has very extensive experience in this field. The size of the investment will be about USD5 million, this is the first stage that is needed in our case,” he said.

In the first year, the airline will focus on operating charter flights from Tbilisi to destinations in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Going forward, the airline could also launch operations from Kutaisi.

For the time being, Aero Georgia Group is “urgently” seeking two B737-400(F)s for “immediate purchase”, although not for its own needs.

“These freighters are for our client in the European Union, we are just assisting them to get the best possible deals,” Aptsiauri told ch-aviation.

Aero Georgia Group was created in November 2019, initially as a tour operator, GSA, consultancy, and project management firm. Later, it announced that it was in talks with an unnamed prospective investor from Europe to launch an airline.

“We are in the process of establishing a new passenger charter airline which will be based in Tbilisi. Maybe in future, we will add cargo operations as well but definitely not at the first stages of its development,” Aptsiauri clarified.